Dry Land Is Soup

Dry land is soup. It is full of meats, vegetables, violence, herbs, ingredients, and is often moist. Humans are croutons and also a lie as birds. 

Why is cheese if not soup? Cheese is for all soup, including dry land. For your example, what is eggs if not dehydrated soup? You take government drone droppings. You make a crack. Out comes egg soup. SLAP WITH FORK. HEAT. Add cheese. Egg soup! Don't even get me started on Cowardly Onion. 

Dry land is a basic 5 ingredient soup: clay, tree, tax fraud, insurance, hams. There is no argument.

The oceans aren't contained by continents. The atmosphere is the bowl and continents are croutons in the soup of ocean. They have meat vegetables and liquid as well, and they actually do get hot. Think of an overcooked stew. Dry land is soup. God is dead.

The more soup you consume to sustain yourself, the shorter your life will be.

If we're consuming the soup it's never really gone. Just changes states of soup. Solid soup in. Liquid soup out.